The Stockholm Pride Organization proudly presents Los Santos Pride
— a free unofficial mod for GTA 5 that gives you a festive Pride parade on the streets of Los Santos.

Download mod

The code

Los Santos Pride is a modification (a plugin that modifies the game), and was created together with real Grand Theft Auto 5 fans across the world. It consists of thousands of lines of custom-written code.

Custom made characters & clothes

We created new characters with brand new clothes in rainbow colors. Even a new dog collar.

Trevor Phillips

The protagonist of the game, Trevor Phillips, is in the parade. We created custom made clothes and face paint.

The trailer

The mod was released via a website and a video trailer on Youtube and Faceook, featuring legendary BBC1 voice Pete Tong – announcing this unique day in the history of Los Santos. The trailer also features music from famous Swedish electronic producer Alesso.


Orlando shooting

To honour the victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the whole parade was made indestructible. Why? Because love will always triumph over hate.


The team

Los Santos Pride was created together with real GTA-fans across the world. They consist of scripters, texture designers and video makers.

International coverage

This previously unseen take on gaming modifications led to a high attention from media and journalists. From gaming and internet culture outlets such as Kotaku and Vice, to mainstream news such as BBC and Metro – sparking a conversation about LGBT+ rights and representation in the gaming world.